14th October

Today, we looked at set and special design. After looking at a slide-show of many different types of spaces, as a class we came up with different words that described each of the different spaces. We were then put into groups of 5 and assigned a different word. My groups word was GRAND. We then had to go off and draw different grand spaces, our tutor encouraged us to look at and draw the space in different ways, only drawing the negative space, using a continuous line, these drawings eventually helped us visualise an interesting and abstract way of creating a grand space. The different drawing techniques have also helped me overall look at spaces differently. The second part of the task was to create a GRAND space or structure. Our initial ideas were to recreate the building/space that we drew. However as we continued this changed, as everybody had different ideas on how it should look. I enjoyed working in a group as I found everybody's input very interesting, as everybody had different opinions, and visualised the end product very differently. Later on, we had to make small models of our structures and then draw them. I loved making the small models, and I wish we could have spent more time doing them, I also think it may of been a good idea to have done this prior to making the life size structures, as we would of had a chance to plan and visualise our ideas.

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