13th October

Today was our last week of rotation, and i am doing PDP, performance design and practice. Today we looked at costume design, I haven't ever been interested in costume or clothing design, however I did find the I enjoyed today. As I looked at costume and movement in a completely different way. We started the day, with the task of getting into pairs, and then drawing each other, taking in turns  to move in certain ways. Starting off by exploring moving within your kinesphere, then looking at the different planes of movement, like the door plane, wheel plane and table plane. It was interesting to look at the different planes of movement this was something I considered when designing my costume. My design for my costume was inspired by puppetry, and forcing the body to move in a certain way. The costume I created made the body only move in the door plane, I also looked at the flow of movement, when the body moves in a certain way, the costume forces a chain of movements to happen. The task was to be completed in pairs, although I would of preferred to work alone as I felt I had all the ideas, and I would of been able to create a better final costume without the influence of my partner.

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