25th September

Today we looked at jewellery design. I was not looking forward to this as I didn't think i would enjoy designing jewellery. However after the presentation showed all the different types of jewellery, there were ideas that I would of never have thought of, this made me excited to think about different approaches to jewellery, that weren't everyday jewellery that we are use to. We had to design different pieces and then make them out of limited materials. I thoroughly enjoyed making the pieces, and largely made up ideas as i went along, mainly using wire. I found the actual making of my designs much easier than designing, as you can change it to see what looks good on the actual body. I chose to focus on the material wire, which further allowed me to change and mould my design to fit the body, the nature of the flexible material allowed me to be more free during the process of making, so I made many more pieces than i designed, just through the process of making.

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