23rd September

Day 2 of 3DDA. Today we looked at furniture design, more specifically, CHAIRS.
We listened to a presentation about the different chairs through history, then particularly at the Robert Day chair. From which we had to change it, creating our own design of a chair. We were given a task to think of 15 designs in 15 minutes, unlike the 30 ideas in 30 minutes task we did at the beginning of the course I found this one very productive, as i had a more casual and impulsive attitude, where I just quickly sketched out different chair designs, i found it an easier task, as i am more of a visual person, so i just drew different chair designs that looked nice, whereas in the earlier task you had to also be thinking about the ideas behind the work and if you were incorporating all the categories. I enjoyed the task as it taught me to be less precious about my ideas. Later on, we took a normal classroom chair and had to create our chosen design from the skeleton of the everyday chair. This part of the task was fun, as i was able to see my idea come to life, and then be able to change and alter it so it looked better, i also enjoyed thinking about the reality of the structure and the support it needed, i had to alter my original design around the materials we had, but i was happy with my final product.

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