22nd September

This week we began 3DDA, starting with architecture and spacial design. We began the task by being split up into groups, then creating large 3D structures from bamboo and cable tires. This was inspired by geometric shapes in architecture that we had looked at earlier on. When we had created our structures, we had to then join them to another groups structure, which created an even more abstract geometric form, this was tricky to do as the structure had to be altered so that it didn't collapse. It was also difficult to work in such a big group, as everybody had an opinion about how to change the structure. However eventually we succeeded and I though the end structure was a successful and  interesting design. We then had to draw the structure from different angles, after this we were asked to draw the structure as a building, so giving it the context of people using it or walking by, and buildings near it, we could also incorporate collage into our sketches. Overall I enjoyed the day, particularly as it was our first day of rotation, and our first day of doing proper work. In the end, we were encouraged to walk around to see other peoples work, this is found thoroughly interesting, to see how different people responded to the same brief, and how everybody had such a different interpretation of their structure and how they visualised it as a building.

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