9th October

Ok so today we were finishing our pieces and displaying them. I had made a piece called 'Take Eat' which are the first words of Jesus in the communion ritual. The work had all the symbols from the survey but made out of bread so the onlooker actually had the choice to take and consume their choice of identity - giving he idea that our identity choices and affiliations become part of us physically and spiritually. E.g. buying starbucks or going to UAL every day is a kind of ritual that includes us in a certain group and like doing a daily prayer.

In order to make it better i found some actual food dye (I used watercolour before as I didn't have any) and made it so that people could actually eat the bread safely. I don't think I made it clear enough as no one did! It is quite an unusual idea. If this was in a gallery I would perhaps have someone there to refill or explain.

I love this interactive boundary-crossing way of working. like Félix González-Torres' Untitled where he put a pile of sweets in the corner of the gallery the same weight as his partner who died of aids. As people ate them the pile wasted away like his body as he dies of aids. I also looked at the Milgram experiments - I want to make a video where I study peoples' reactions at being asked to eat various foods with different symbols on - some more appetising than others!




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