6th October

OK so this week it was on to Fine Art! I was really interested in the theme for our lessons - Human Being. I studied Anthropology at undergraduate so it was exactly about the kinds of things that fascinate me.

Today we looked in detail at an object which at first has no discernible purpose or use. Mine was what looked like an ornate cutlery handle with the tool-end cut off. Later, a (non art) friend of mine said quite simply 'oh but that's easy you can invent all sorts of ends for it!!' what a genius idea - why didn't i think of something so simple! Anyway, I decided that it looked like part of a historic silver cutlery set and so I though about ideas of memory being incomplete or even something completely new and different to the actual events that are remembered. I also liked the idea of an object that has been significant to a family - and how did it end up broken? Does it reflect relationships of people who have been associated with it in the past?

I made a kind of pop up piece based on the folded label a classmate made for my object and it ad inside it cutouts of similar patterns to those found on the spoon but written onto them were fragments of my family history - it couldn't be fully read just like the object was not complete and neither are our memories.


I am really interested in how art can be used to make people look a little closer, and see themselves clearer - that sounds so serious! I love making beautiful things and could do it for hours on end, but playing with significance - this is what I care about the most. I feel that when I studied Anthropology before I met so many interesting ideas that I wanted to explore but I didn't have the right language to do it, maybe Fine Art is that language?!!

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