Thursday 11th september & Friday 12th

Having enrolled earlier in the week, on thurday we were told to go to certain rooms, in which was our groups of approximately 40 other students. In which we would go through most of the different pathways with. After doing some introduction activities, we began our first task. We were split up into small groups of 5 then were told to pick 3 things from 3 different catogaries, the first catogary was practitioners, from which we selected graphic design company Akatre Studio. The second catogary was materials from which we chose concrete, from the third cotogary, process we selected borrow. We then began the task where we had to reasearch into the three and try to find links between them. I enjoyed using the library and all its resources, I also began to enjoy how the task as so different from anything I had done in school or even at home, if forced me to think much more conceptually and outside of the box, the fact that everyone in my group was from very different walks of life, meant there were varied opinions, this further encouraged me to think more outside of the box. However initially i felt very lost and stuck with the task as i wasnt sure what we were being told to do.


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