Today I was feeling better, I went into CSM it was my first day into school this week. The tutor explained to me what I had missed, and said I could look at tutorials online and that when I come to do Fine Art Practice the techniques would be taught again. Today was critique day, and we watched peoples work and commented on it. It was interesting to see how everyone had a different idea for what they were creating. As a group we had discussions about each piece and were questioning art, and thinking whether it had to be beautiful or have meaning to it. There were a few pieces that were about war or tragic events and there was a discussion about whether putting this into art form glorified these type of things.

There were good and bad points about the work, about whether there should have been text or not, the timing/pacing of the piece, color etc. A lot of the videos had parts repeated in them. Some of the videos had a psychotic element, whilst others where peaceful. The tutor suggested that I create my video in my own time and to try and catch up.

Next week the group will be at Archway doing sculpture 

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