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Nora Luther + Pavel Becker: MOVING FOOD SERIES

"When the main topic is food styling, we’re always used to immediately observe a sophisticated and preciously confectioned dish before our eyes.

However, the German art director Nora Luther and the photographer Pavel Becker built a food styling scenario where we can’t find an already prepared meal, but we see the food suspended in the air prepared to fall into the plate to be transformed into a wonderful dish with the help of some magical hands. Instead of offering us a meal beautifully cooked, they give us clues about the ingredients and let us use our imagination to lead us to the final picture of the dish."

Written by Ana Rita Ramos on Trendland.com

This photo series interested me because the movement of the food hanging in mid air made me think of the different ways accessories can hang/fall from the body creating their own movement. In the Trendland.com article, Ramos references that the suspended food anticipates landing on the plate to be transformed into a wonderful dish, which had me think that it could have the same effect if it were to land on the body and be worn as jewellery.

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