2nd October

Today we thought about how to create/ manipulate environments to create and experience, stage or installation. I found this really interesting as every day we have to move through space and enact a kind of performance so it is really interesting the idea of making people aware of the effect of their relationship with their environment. This is one of the reason's I love Anthony Gormley's work - he really thinks about the dimensions of the human person and their interaction with their surroundings.

We were given the term - intimidating - and we resulted in making an installation where someone sits inside and are emotionally effected by all the objects and spikes pointing straight towards them and being quite close to them - particularly the head where we had a pair of dangling scissors! People really did seem to be effected by this and feel intimidated and claustrophobic. I think this kind of effect can also be felt in the built environment of our city too - I have lived here for 7 years and have found that small living quarters and limited personal space in travel really effect the way people act and feel. Architects ( and possibly their funders) seem to make assumptions about the worth and emotions needs (or lack of them) of individuals by creating repetitive and claustrophobic spaces.


I liked these two as well - the words were 'contemplative' and 'grand'.


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