29th Sept

This week we did Performance Design and Practice (PDP) Which was great fun!! On Monday we sent the whole day devise a performance piece using a shadow screen. Interesting baring in mind I have just been reading about Indonesian shadow puppets. Anyway, I loved it because it is so simple but can be used to create some great effects. We were given quite a sinister piece of opera music - I feel that this week has been invariably sinister for one reason or the other - but greta fun as a result! We discussed our feelings about the music and what kinds of images came to mind. Then we mapped out our performance as a four- part act using a basic story board. We made use of two actors, altering their sizes and appearances by varying the distance from the screen and giving them additions like costumes and props.


In the end I think we were all really happy with it and i think the key thing was to keep discussing a sharing our ideas and trying them out. Eventually we were able to rehearse the four stages several times as well which helped and each person had a different job (main light, torch/gobo, actor, moving props etc. Thanks to Chan Hee it can be seen here.





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