Note (5)

The building’s architecture is fascinating and the heights are overwhelming. The audience has the possibility to use over 50 hours of in-depth audio commentary at a low price.  New and encouraging is the “Family and School drawing material” made available by Education Department, that gives the opportunity to stimulate the children's interest to art and drawing, observation and entertainment. 

In general I love every paintings of the Nation Gallery but in particular my favorite room is the number 33, where two famous paintings of Diego Velázquez are sited. These are ‘The toilet of Venus’ and ‘Christ after the Flagellation’.  Here, I spent three hours for figurative drawings of these incredible works of 17th century. 

 I advice to everyone to visit this museum because it is an astonishing back in time for every art lover, the place where each image seen in a book becomes real and where the artists names become solid brush strokes.

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