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 The National Gallery is the fifth most visited art museum in the world, so the audience is always very high. Here, everybody can enjoy the most major developments in Western painting from Giotto to Cézanne, from Caravaggio to Monet.  The collection is arranged in 66 different and wide rooms, so the visitors have a good freedom of movement and can use the Map following the exhibition itinerary developed in three of five Levels of the buildings (the remaining Levels are dedicated to the Theatre and the Temporary exhibition).

 However, I observe that the most popular paintings, that belong to the Impressionism, are sited in smaller rooms and the inconvenient problem is the crowd. No-one stand the queue and a copious number of voices prevents to admire in tranquillity and silence the incredible works.  In respect to these rooms, in others this problem doesn't exist, because there is enough space to permise the correct view of paintings. On my opinion, the lighting is weak and unsuitable because it doesn't permit a good vision.


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