In the morning, I was in a group of 3 including myself, and we all took it in turns to read out our exhibition review that we all wrote. The tutor suggested I make a few alterations to mine and she liked the parts where I talked about the atmosphere of the room. I then finished off my work ready for the critique in the afternoon at 3pm.  I had a plaster model that I had left to set on Tuesday and as there were inductions on Wednesday into the workshops other students were not aloud to use these rooms hence why I was finishing it on Thursday morning. I had a dome cast which I cut into 4 pieces, I decided I only wanted 3 pieces to keep as part of my final product as I didn't want it to look overloaded and messy and I didn't want the number of pieces to be even, I wanted them to be odd. I added metal to it also. When it came to the afternoon everyone had displayed their artwork in the room we were in, we all went around briefly looking at the work. The tutor then split the class into two groups and we we had to go around looking at the peoples work who were in our groups analysing it. We were given a list of things to talk about when analysing their work: what style has been used (loose, naive, abstract, tight, heavy, detailed.), use of materials, subject matter, how the subject matter relates to the style of the work, what associations does the work have(literature, psychology, history, film, theatre, geography), what do you think the work is trying to communicate, can you make any constructive judgements? 

We went around the room discussing peoples work, we talked about the texture of the piece and how it was presented, Charlie's was see-through in areas and placed on the window so parts of his piece that you viewed where of the background outside, which was interesting to see how this became a part of his piece.

I took notes on what was said about my work, the tutor also came over and contributed to the discussion. A few people seemed to agree that it had a phycological matter about it, they thought the piece I presented on the mannequin looked like a brain, and the concept had something to do with coming together and falling apart. They thought the way I had set it out was intended and that the display looked controlled, that it was not accidentally set out in that way. It reminded someone of something quite sci-fi, and an altering of a state. Another person suggested it was related to a mental disease and that it had separated segments, another suggestion was that they thought it had some religious qualities and that it reminded them of a crown of thorns or an electrocution therapy for people with mental problems. They discussed how the way I had cut things open and in half made it look crazy like an illness or disease, someones thoughts jumbled up, the way I had repeated things it reminded them of a brain being schizophrenic and frustrated, another comment was a person frustrated by society, like a puppet. Another subject topic suggested was wider politics as they thought it was to do with power control over lives, depicting society and life. They thought the materials I had used were beautiful, how I'd used wood and presented some objects on boards and plates, which made them seem more powerful, and they thought the sculpture I made that day had power enough to be placed on its own and be viewed separately. Someone said game control, boundaries, about being in charge, something about a buzzer and using metaphors. Another comment was that it looked like a time bomb how the 2 separate pieces linked together. 

I then said what my concept was about as no one knew which was part of the fun and illusion for people to guess without knowing. My work was inspired by Science how science led everyone to believe the world was flat and then many years later the world was discovered to be round. This got me thinking that this wasn't God who said this, it was an ordinary man unknowing, it could be any person that suggested these things in science, how are we to know other things aren't false as well. My artwork is supposed to mock science. I thought if any person can suggest things and get people to believe why can't I? I can say the earth or world is made up of lots of different worlds, we don't live in one universe but several, I can in my brain convince myself then that there are no limits to what can happen I can move any space and alter the way of the world and the 'normalities' of life to create a dysfunctional mix up of life. in my mind, there would be lots of different places that we can transport to moving matter and transforming subjects. I can then prove the "theory" and hypothesis to create my own world that anyones belief can be reality, that man has limited understand but we don't want to be proved wrong or want to appear that we are all knowing.

The tutor helped me sum up the concept of my work: Belief systems in society and how the change as our knowledge grows incorporating ideas from religion and science.

We were told previously that we would be doing sculpture the following week, but the plans had been changed that we would be doing video at CSM, if that is the case I am happy I have already practised sculpture and incorporated it into my work. The tutor was really helpful and I asked her about good galleries to visit that were near to the Archway building, she suggested Victoria Miro, so I went with another student, Michael. He really liked the work, and I thought the materials were so neatly presented and everything looked so well thought out and expensive.

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