Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon


Monster Reborn 2002

transmounted color photograph

70 x 113 cm

The man who is in this work is Douglas Gordon, the artist who made it. The right side is his usual appearance and a perfectly ordinary young man, and the other side is an ugly face which is created with tapes. It is a picture of his inner monster, however at the same time, it takes ironic feel due to all the tape, which subverts the seriousness of the message. They sit as if they are on a mirror. It is quite simple way but also obviously shows the message which he wants to tell. What I felt from this work is everyone has the feeling like anger or jealousy, and it is a "monster" of us because it makes us hurt the people around ourselves.

Douglas Gordon is a Scottish artist who was born in 20 September 1966 and one of the most prominent artists to have his breakthrough in the 1990s, an epoch-making and much discussed decade within British art. Identity and self-representation are central themes in his work.  


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