Today I went to the V&A, I looked briefly around the building, but the main reason why I went there was to look at the Disobedient Objects Exhibition. I took lots of pictures which I will upload. The outside of the exhibition looked gloomy and reminded me of something horror like. I didn't have great expectations, I didn't know what the gallery was about before I went but I was surprised to find it was about civil rights movements and history of the world and social change and issues. These are subjects that interest me greatly so I was pleased to find this out. There was also a game I played which had an audio to it which gave you descriptions throughout game. It said something about workers in China committing suicide because the working conditions are unsuitable, it was ironic and humorous and made a joke out of something which in reality sounded quite serious. It was an interesting experience also seeing other people in the exhibition interested by it and taking it seriously. There were groups of people drawing from the sculptures in V&A and taking notes. The Disobedient Objects Exhibition was very different from the style of the rest of the gallery. I then went to the Natural History Museum, as it was only opposite the V&A. I looked at the human exhibition and the dinosaurs and fossils. The human exhibition was interesting, there was a giant replica of an unborn baby, and there were people taking pictures standing next to it. London was very busy and the trains were packed full. There was a woman joking with her friend how, she was getting quite familiar with the man standing infront of her, and how she hadn't been that close to a guy in a while ( adding on the trains, not in a sexualised way)... the woman was going on about this subject, I think the man got fed up and turned away from her, to be as far away as possible.

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