23rd September

download.php?file=502264&embedded=1&textbox=476024Today we had to construct our own type faces out of white paper using only folding, cutting, and tearing, no drawing though! At first i had no idea what to do - I know a little about type faces as I am married to an enthusiast! But I dodn't want to just repeat what I've seen before. Then I decided to invent rules that I woudl follow for each letter as I know that consistance is really impotant. I folded the page in 6 ways and based all my letters on this. I quickly found out that I needed a way of making horizontal lines too though! I ended up with a type face calle Facet which i was pleased with, though I think in the future that I will make sure it is easily read at first glance as it is quite a subtle design.

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