Today went into Archway for lessons, we were told we have to write an exhibition Review Draft of 500 words for Thursday, we have to talk about the themes, curation, how the audience react to the pieces and move around the gallery, how the space is, what the work looks like how we feel looking at it, how the work hangs and is presented, whether we have to look up at it or down and how this affects our view of the work, how we interact with the piece, what the purpose is.  We spent the day getting our objects ready or doing any research. My book was in my locker at CSM so I went there and worked at a desk in the corridor, I did some sketches to inspire me, I then took my book back with me to archway, and everyone started setting up their work to present to the 'martians'.  We left post it notes by our work for the martians to leave comments and opinion. Everyone then went around looking at the work and leaving comments, I left stupid comments from the point of view of the martians, I tried to get into the mindset of what I thought they would be thinking, and how they would be confused about what they saw as they wouldn't understand. Everyone including the tutors seemed to forget that we couldn't read the words and that we couldn't actually understand what the objects where which confused me.  The comments people left about my work they thought it was about death and the emptiness of life, but my idea was about Creation and how from a religious perspective Christians believe God breathed into man which gave us a soul, otherwise we could be like all the other animals in the world. How we were formed of dust and breath. I was fascinated by the power of breath and without breath we die. Without God's breath we would be spiritually dead. In the bible it says we have a body, soul and spirit. I found the equation Dirt + Breath = Life. and Life - Breath = Dirt.  From dirt we were formed and when we die to dirt we return. This fascinated me as this is stated in the bible, but people are witnesses of this fact, everyone knows this but do not acknowledge it or God. The work was interesting to see there was work of all different shapes and sizes and a variety of objects. We start a new brief next week called 'Altered Spaces' so I will look over the brief and read into the subject, we are going to be painting on monday and we've been told we need to bring in materials and wear rubbish clothes incase we get messy. By Archway going home there was a window which was smashed and a comment was left on paper, it confused me slightly but looked really cool so I took a photo.

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