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Above is the outcome of combining our ideas together. My idea was to have a series of collages made from my own family photographs, making unknown faces from known faces, scratching out aspects and combining techniques, of cut, scrunching, distortion and layering. This idea was inspired by Liz Nilsson and her use of memory. 

My partner’s ideas was of a clock that had family messages embroidered onto it focusing on the usage of memory in Nilsson’s work also. So when we were told that we were to combine our ideas and make a model of our final outcome the two ideas meshed quite nicely. Our final outcome was a series of cloaks that went from short to long creating a layered effect, the cloaks would all be printed with family photos with family messages written over them and all the faces scratched out. The idea was for the clock to be slowly removed and layer by layer the images would start to fade and the fabric would become lighter, more sheer and ripped. The last layer would be completely see though as you have been stripped of all family ties and everything that makes you who you are. We made a model as can be shown below to explain our idea in a 3D form.

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