Liz Nilsson



Liz Nilsson’s work incorporates print, tactile mark making, drawing and photography, concluding in installations, printed compositions and performances. 


She uses laser cutting techniques to explore ideas of memory and time, recall and habit, often incorporating used fabrics imbued with her own family history. The shadows cast by one fabric onto another, or the surrounding area are reminders of the transience of memory and experience.


Circles are cut away from the surface creating an open lace-like structure that integrates the play on light and shadows. The shadows add a transient layering and symbolise memory, so the viewer may experience the actual work. 


Our minds automatically respond to the warm colours of red, yellow and orange as they are more noticeable and even help to improve the ability to recall. These are the colours that Nilsson frequently uses in her work.


When visiting the materials library at the CSM Library i found a series of materials linking to Liz Nilsson’s work. Most of the materials I found were of a fabric or metal mesh and could be used to create the layering and shadows that is so often seen in her pieces.  


I also looked at surface layering among other artists. There seemed to be a large range of mixed media used, such as ink, mono print collage and pencil illustrations.

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