I have watched 2001 A space Odyssey and taken notes, I have also started to research Ryan Gander. The film was 2 and a half hours long, I felt that the film didn't need to be made this long, and a lot of what was going on wasn't important, a lot of the time I felt it wasn't clear what was happening but this may have been the intention of the creater of the film, as there isn't a lot of talking or explaining what was going on so you have to watch for yourself and try and figure it out. I also went to the London Graphic Centre and to Angels Fancy dress shop both in Covent Garden. The Graphic centre had images drawn by different people, the styles looked childish and it was interesting to see each persons interpretation. I went to the fancy dress shop to help inspire me for project one. There were costumes there, related to spirits like, the devil, as in project one it mentions the occult. as well as goblins and other mystical animals. For Project 1 I had to come up with more ideas which I had posted in My Information File Page.  I then had to make some basic models of my idea, and then refine and finalise them ready to take in for thursday to review on. For my idea I asked myself, what are humans- we have a body soul and spirit, looking into biblical text which says God breathed into man, which is why humans are different from every other organism, I started to think how breath must be saced, all it took was breathe to make humans how we are. I had an idea to show this by having a seethrough box where I breathe into and leaves the box misty, you are able to see the breath you can see what it is but not its power in the same way, humans have been breathed into we can see the person but not Gods breath or power inside them. To extend my idea it can be a gift of breath to the martians, to make them human or have human characteristics so that they are able to understand humans. For the work at CSM we had to come up with 5 ideas and make 3 of the ideas out of cardboard, paper and similar materials and then develop one of the ideas to show for a martian exhibition on Thursday.

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