In class today we had a lecture which explained the brief to us and the general idea. We looked at objects which were man made which were unusual or not always easy to tell what they were, we had to look at the objects from the perspective of an alien and say what we thought the object was I brought in an object from home, which I did an observational drawing from, I said it could be a bone or an armpit cleaner another person said it could be a hair roller. After this exercise and drawing the objects from observation we gave the drawing to someone else who looked at the picture and decided what it was from the drawing, what its purpose was and give it instructions. The one I did for someone else I thought it looked like a chicken, I said it was a chicken, for dog food and to send it back to the factory as it was a chicken that had escaped from the farming factory like the film 'Chicken Run'. For my object someone suggested a juice squeezer to then use for injection people and eye whitening and then I had to use this for inspiration to come up with my own idea it was an injection to make the person not bleed, it was made for sweeny todd so he wouldn't have to waste time cleaning up as men don't enjoy it, he would then sell the heads to the lady with lots of heads from Wizard Of Oz We then looked at all the ideas afterwards and gave feedback on the ones we liked. I found the idea of someones interesting it was called 'The history of the abdominal tracking portal, for government  purposes.

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