22nd September

First day in the Graphic Design and Communication week - so excited! today we took two words and photographed an image or film that represented these. My group chose 'Social' and 'Environment'. I think the task dfinitely highlighted the tensions and strengths of working in a creative team. We had shared knowledge which was helpful but i think we could have been clearer on our central idea.


We wanted to challenge the tendancy of strangers to act coldly and ignore each other, we wanted to make silent conversation/ intervention and kind of create social connections where they are not present in a public space by making them notice us and our inner thoughts and the kinds of things we might say to a friend. I'm really glad out feed back comment was that it was very simple and effetive and bold lettering, and also that since it was only a short time, in the future we would still be working quickly, but do this process over several times to refine the finished project. I also learned to use imovie which is a bonus!


Other people's work that i loved included the 'social' 'found objects' that were a grid of photos of people's lunches. Food is something that brings people together and expresses culture, I love that. Someone also said that instead of praying before a meal we now make an instagram! So true - and shows how food is still central to us culturally and on a basic need level and so we make much of it.

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