Having been so busy with CSM work I havent had a chance to go to LCF yet to try and pick up the film 'stig of the dump' I am going to try and go by the end of this week at the latest. Today we used the knowledge we got from doing the library research task. We had half an hour to write down as many ideas as we could think of some I had were better than others. I hadn't written down ideas before with having the pressure of time. It was a good challenging task and I did some drawings and took notes on paper. Afterwards from our ideas we had to chose our favourite idea to develop further. We were told to prepare for an interview type situation like 'Dragons Den' where you had to convince the judges to 'invest' in your idea. You had to think of critical factors such as how, why, where, and what you were going to do for your idea. I thought my ideas were rubbish and stupid but after thinking about them I thought of cool ways in which some of them would work and produce a well constructed outcome. One of my ideas was inspired by my process 'repeat' and practitioner 'Paul Rand' which was to have a Shopping Mall for peasants/homeless/poor and have products that were CHEAP or have tokens so you can only get a certain amount each time, they would be products suitable for these type of people, products that were needed as part of sustainable living. We were told to do some research in preparation for Thursday and people would be chosen at random to present their idea to the class. If I was chosen to present I would speak up and be straight to the point so people would find it easy to understand and follow what I'm talking about. People on my table came up with interesting ideas like: making a replica of an earth, making 3D skulls, a dirtroad (for car racing). It was interesting to see the variety of ideas that people came up with. For my research I am going to present it in a presentation.

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