Today I was supposed to meet my group at 10:30 at CSM to go to Chelsea College Library before we had the talk at CSM library. I overslept so didn't get to make it for that time. I said I would meet them at Chelsea Library. I had Evangeline in our group contacting me as she was running late so I contacted the guys in our group to let them know. Evangeline got separated from the guys and ended up going to Chelsea Library instead of Chelsea College Library.  She was really confused and was wondering why she couldn't find them without realising she was at the wrong library. I met up with her finally at Chelsea College Library she was quite stressed out but we had a good laugh about it and it was hilarious once we reflected back on it all, I couldn't stop laughing and had tears in my eyes. We had a look around Chelsea Library, some of the books were very good, and also it was useful to know where it was because in the future if I need to find something thats at Chelsea Library it'll be worth having that knowledge. The Library wasn't as good as the one at CSM but it was a nice, peaceful environment.  I then went to CSM library for the talk which only lasted a couple of minutes then I did some more research in the library and chatted to my group about the requirements and meeting the deadline. I had a look in the materials section at the CSM library, some of the materials were really cool and had patterns on them and there were a few photos as well, I took pictures of the ones I particularly liked, the texture on some of the materials were shiny and caught my eye. Anya Hindmarchs' brand bags are awesome and quirky. I like seeing fashion thats different from the normal, something thats creative, different and a bit wacky.

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