Today I will try and get as much research done as possible, organise my workflow and upload pictures as well as figure out how everything works on workflow hopefully.

IRRITATING! I have been trying to do work on Workflow all day and made so many mistakes and mistakes of mistakes. Only just figured out the general jist of it all.. atleast I got there in the end! Heads up don't try to do work when your not feeling well your brain does not function correctly. I have been writing down ideas and researching the options are group has chosen. I have been trying to organise my workflow and learning how to upload images, files and videos( hopefully I am doing it correctly). I have done the research for stone. It is interesting how when you first think of a word or a relation to research you think of very basic ideas but the more you research the more you discover and amazing things you find out that you would never have thought of. For example: the material when I first came to research it I only thought of normal stones that you find on a beach, then after thinking more about it and brainstorming I thought of: Kidney stones, stones in fruit, jewellery, gargoyles, mythical creatures etc. I also thought about how there can be power in stones like in the film 'Stig of the Dump' how Stig stands inbetween the two stones and he is transported home. I haven't watched the film in a while and I cannot find the image I want so I plan to watch this film later. I found stone fairly hard to research, I found it difficult looking on the internet to find artists that made work with or to do with stone. I did find some jewellery brands such as guess and jewellery designers like Jennifer Meyer. Thinking of the process 'Repeat' and looking at repeated patterns got me thinking of other things that were repeated like how there were rows and rows of books in the CSM library. I also found various different copies of the same books. E.g. One was an original and the others were repititions. Here I took a picture of this idea documenting several of the books we found about patterns and thinking about the constant walking round and round to find where these books were and searching. ( Repitition of actions).

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