Researching Artists

Researching Practitioner, Material and Process. I have used some pictures that I took from the books at CSM library. I found I took a lot more pictures for Paul Rand than the other categories as I found some of his designs humorous and each one was quirky and uniquely different. Some where shown as black and white others had lots of colour. Paul Rands books show a lot of his designs but not all of them have information on. If I wanted to find out more about a specific design I would have to do research on it or look online. Some of his designs remind me of the process we chose: repeat. Some of the letters or images are repeated several times in one design. In Paul Rands book it showed how he had thought about making the Logo. How starting off it was a circle but the circle was too thick so it was made thinner and thinner and then letters were added inside the circle and the size and shapes were changed. It was interesting to see how the designs had been played about with. I've included files and images of the files and videos, some sections I found of interest.

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