Out of all the options our group was most interested by Nils Volker and Paul Rand. We decided we definitely didn't want to look at Matthew Barney or Paul McCarthy as they were either scary or immoral related subjects. I myself didn't feel comfortable with choosing a practitioner that looks at such strange topics and I think the rest of the group felt the same. In the end we decided to choose Paul Rand whose best known for his Logo advertising, as we thought we could look at the logos and then the companies behind the logos, and then the products sold behind the companies, we thought there could be a lot we could by researching him. Then moving on to the material we thought rubber would be boring to do as we weren't keen on the material as it tends to be a dull colour and unattractive. For silk again we weren't too keen however I thought that as silk was a popular material throughout history, and as it was expensive worn by royalty we could look at fashion and we may be able to come up with some good ideas for it. Our group didn't even hold vinyl or wadding as an option they were really not popular options. They weren't materials that we thought were interesting enough. We were stuck between stone and water.. water we thought we may choose to challenge ourselves as we couldn't initially think of how we could relate it to the other options to generate ideas. However in the end we decided to choose stone. Initially when we thought of stone we thought of ones you pick up on the beach or find in the streets but when we came to researching it we came across things that we hadn't even thought of like stones in jewellery. For the process we decided to go with repeat as anything can be repeated like patterns, objects e.g books in CSM library (when looking in the library we found two copies of books which were the same). Also things could be repeated, you could look at the world and see one man and woman and then everyone else is repeated or a copy or alteration of them. There could be one species of animal or one type of flower and then the rest of those kind are copies of that one generator. As a group we then searched the CSM library to see what books would be helpful. We found lots of books to do with the practitioner we chose (Paul Rand) The books we found for stone gave various choices: 'Stone Age Painting in India' , 'Stone Sculpture in the museum', 'Diamond and Gem Stones' , '10 precious stones in Russian Jewellery Art'. For the process 'Repeat' there were books called: 'Perform, Repeat, Record', 'Repeat Patterns' and 'Shoot,get treasure, repeat'. All the books had numbers which we wrote down then went off to find. I didn't realise we should write down the letter part of the number so the area we had to look was broader whereas if we had had the whole code it would be easier to locate an exact book and the results would have been narrowed down. We couldn't locate some of the books we initally wanted to find for the process but we found books related to performance, which was interesting as you can see the same play at a theatre repeated but by different people or different mistakes made each time. Or you can watch a film over and over again(someones favourite film). As a group we decided to go to the British Museum which closed at 5:30 so it didn't leave us alot of time to look at the books, we documented pages we found interesting and agreed that if we needed to look at the books again we could do so on Monday. We have also decided to go to UAL Chelsea Library on Monday. Today I have researched the artist and found some videos on Youtube which were helpful.

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