Here, Kirchoff uses lots of bright colours like Kratanzou but unlike Krantanzou Kirchoff has interesting hairstyles and wacky makeup that complements the colours and designs of the clothes. Some of the images on the clothes look childish like the rainbow and the lovehearts which reminds me of carebear.  He also designs preppy shoes, some of his designs remind me of vietnamese art. I thought this practitioner could be a good choice. Another fashion designer was Peter jensen but I thought his designs were basic in comparison to the previous artists I had seen. He is a designer for mens and womens wear, his designs look more mature than the other artists, as his designs haven't got lots of colour and texture thrown into one garment. His designs are controlled and look classic and chic however they are not as memerable as previous artists. Other artists work included: Jewellery and hats. 'Phillip Treacy' the practitioner who designs the hats also has designed hats for the likes of Lady Gaga. The hats he makes are extremely 3D and he creates lots of texture in them by the materials he uses. 

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