Had to go in for 12:30 and have a lecture. Then with some people from my group we went to the library. We didn't think it would take as long as it did we were at the library till roughly 4pm.  We decided what Practitioner, Material and Process we were going to choose. We went on the computers and looked at each of the choices we were given. By looking at the artists work we could decide on choosing an artists style we all liked or were interested by. The first artist was 'Marloes ten Bhomer' who is a footwear designer. His designs are unique and his 'aim is to completely replace the standard and regimented approaches to footwear design'. Although his designs are contemporary and geometrical I found his work to be controlled and simple tones were used, where as I would have prefurred to seen them more daring. The prospect of looking at shoes did not seem too exciting so we did not decide to go with this artist. We soon discovered there were several Fashion related artists, one was 'Mary Kratantzou' she creates colourful clothes- mostly dresses, and also designs for Topshop. She uses lots of bright colour in her designs. In one design of a dress she uses hues of yellow, pink, black and white together. The rich combination of these colours are striking. She also uses patterns and prints on her pieces. 'Meadham Kirchoff' was another fashion designer, I found these designs a lot more fascinating than the other ones we had viewed previously. 

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