Today was the first day of CSM.. guess what already....:

Requirements of CSM: have a journal and write in it daily

( Last time I wrote in a journal I was as a kid- but only had one because I wanted to be cool like Anne Frank!) 

What could I possibly think to say that will be extremely fascinating that won't bore the socks off whoever is going to read this?.. Nothing.. prepare to be bored Smile

CSM day: 

Morning time: Full of confused people.

Confused people asking where rooms were then confused laughing people when discovering they were already stood outside the room they were looking for.. Then a talk that lasted forever like the film 'Never Ending Story'. Met some interesting people.. and talked about ART.. what else? Lots of interesting international people bringing some flavour to London.Wink 

Set a very confusingly explained task which took a while to understand... turned out to be very basic. In my Fine Art group we were given a Process, Material, Practitioner 

We had a graphic design artist weirdly... but I hate graphic design and the style just not my cup of tea!!  Material was car and practitioner was flocking. We didn't know what flocking was before but now as a group we all understand the word. Flocking: depositing lots of small particles onto a surface.

As a group we thought of different concepts and came up a favourite idea of the group: with a book for children telling them about the manufaction of the car.. I think we were going with irony. It was a good idea I guess. It was interesting to see different opinions and how sometimes we didn't agree with each other. I suggested the idea of having The Best ways to have a car crash which wasn't popular. The idea was to be in a humorous way so people would be interested but then to raise people's awareness of the importance of SAFETY .. as car crashes happen all the time and I bet the most common ones are like talking on a mobile phone or drink driving which the government always seem to rant on about and everyone gets sick and tired of hearing about it and watching the weird adverts. The idea reminded me a bit of 'dumb ways to die' on the horrible histories on cbbc channel. It's interesting woking in a group and hearing other peoples ideas and how everyone isn't going to agree.. doing crazy fine art myself I thought creating a book was a bit controlled and maybe do something more adventurous would be more fun. We then thought about our ideas we were actually going to do next week in the library.. water and squeeze seemed the popular words and a between a fashion artist and a guy who created aluminium balloons. I thought of a balloonist coat filled with water that when someone hugs you goes everywhere then a factory.. someone suggested something about a homeless guy Laughing.

It was a slow moving day.. fairly interesting we got a tour of the building we were shown and talked to about several rooms, then were told we couldn't use them which was worthwhile and fun to know!!  It was an interesting experience being at CSM today, we haven't started work properly yet which I'm looking forward to doing. I can't wait to get stuck in and start thinking of ideas and researching. I think work officially starts on Monday as thats when our group has the Library introduction which I'm looking forward to! It's interesting to see the approach that CSM take to researching like having all these online website links to help you ( like using Moodle) and expecting us to document work every day. I'm used to documenting everything in a book but using Moodle is much more organised and a fun way of doing it.

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