August 21

My final outcome is from my unexpected discoveries. My concept is to cover up the intimate area – neck, as well as create a personal space. It also high-lights the eyes (which are attractive signal) and lips (which are very intimate area) to present my opinion that intimacy is personal and special. When I first arrived at the drawing of my design and went to workshop, I had to change the shape for balance but made it become too costume like. Based on my concept and design drawing but with an adjusted structure, it came out an abstract beautiful form. Although I tested a lot of different materials such as acrylic sheet, fabric, metal wires, plaster and so on in experiment. I decided to make the final model from silver wire and black leather. The choice of wire is from my pattern research of touching feeling – fingerprint. Leather represents the human skin. Black and silver are both cold colors that present the distance between people. The whole piece is to keep people away as anti-intimacy but left the gap of special intimate areas.


When I finish my final model, it is lucky to have our tutor, Tim to help us taking the photos for our final. I was looking for someone to be my model but Tim suggested me to be my own model because what I made is perfect to put on me. When I was working on the final, I made it following my face's structure so it is my size. So I agreed with Time to be my own model. It came out with some nice pictures.

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