August 20

When we are working on our final model, we also need to work on the publication at the same time. With tutor's help I came out an introduction for my project. It might be the introduction to present in the publication.

Intimacy is about how to get close to your partner, being able to let your guard down and feel comfortable in the relationship. In my project, my aim is to identify the importance of intimacy and why it is personal and special.

From my research, I learnt how people have intimate rituals and instincts -- what they do to show their feelings. I did some interview with people to talk about their understanding and feeling of intimacy. With discussion, I found that different personalities made everyone’s intimacy special.

With experiments, I tried to explore people’s feelings of intimacy. During my study, I found that intimacy is something very personal so it would only feel right with the right person. This is proved by one of my experiment --intimacy between strangers. I asked several classmates to help me do the experiment and allocated them in pairs by random. During the experiment, I asked them to do something usually couple would do, like hug, hold hands and kiss. And I recorded their reaction by film.

The final idea came from an unexpected discovery in my experiment when I was trying to create a jewellery piece with a special space for intimacy.  I develop it to keep others away at the same time while I am exploring the possible shape of it.

My final design is a jewellery piece that creates a distance between people whilst also leaving a specific space to suggest intimacy, a gap that encourages touch. The finger-print represents the feeling of touching by the lover.

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