August 16

Based on Edward De Bono's thinking hats exercise, I have thought about what I want to achieve and what I have got in this project.

White hat: My final is going to be a 3D jewellery piece bases on face and head. It is made by metal wires which is an important element from my project research -- fingerprint and metal is a strong material to create and hold the shape I design. For my photography I want the model to have red lips on. Hopefully I can find a couple to be my models and ask them to kiss though my jewellery to show the concept of intimacy.

Red hat: I am really worried about my time arrangement about the project. We only got 6 workshop days to finish the model making and I am still not happy with my design so I keep changing my design during the process. I have done a lot of research but too many information become overdesigns. What I should do is selective in all the ideas and analyse a good idea and design rather than put everything onto the jewellery design. On the other hand, I am so happy to working on my own project. This is a project that I created on my own and I chose an topic that is interesting to me. With 6 weeks working on the topic – Intimacy, I do not get bored but still exciting to observe it further and deeper.

Black hat: My final idea development did not go very well. I did an experiment about people’s reaction about intimacy with strangers that is related to my starting point (the film—First Kiss). The awkwardness between two strangers doing intimate gestures proves that intimacy is something very personal and it only feels right with the right person. However, I analysed people would like hide their faces in the hands when they are embarrassing and tried to add it onto my final design. This idea is about people’s reaction with intimacy that is a little bit deviating from the core theme.

Yellow hat: I think I still achieve some goodness in my project. The topic is interesting which has so many possibilities to explore. And I got good comments about my drawing to show my idea and design clearly. And I am also happy with my model making technique. When I am in the workshop, I got the understand how the machine works quickly and get on it soon. What I am expecting to do for the final model is a really good quality piece of jewellery because I know I can do that.

Green hat: During my whole project, I keep experimenting different ideas and materials to find what I can achieve. I keep developing my idea but some ended up not very good or valuable to go further.

Blue hat: I do not think it can be easy to make the model because it is too complicate and there are a lot of details. It really needs a lot of time in and out of the workshop.There are only 6 days workshop before deadline and I still need to test on different materails to make sure which is good for my model.So I have to get a good time arrangement. I need to have a plan before the workshop opens and work effectively in the workshop.

For my final design, it was a little bit overdesign.I made a nice structure of the shoulder part which is good and bad as well. The shoulder part is to create the pesonal space to keep people away. But my main point is to show the intimate area -- mouth. But for now the shoulder part would catch too much attention which became a disturbtion.

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