August 2

Part 3 Process Turtorial

I am happy that my mark for the process turtorial is low risk to pass the project.It confirms my working so far. I think I can pass the project and course because I have worked hard and achieve the tasks. However, what I want is not just passing the course but also try my best to explore the capility of myself.

I think my project is clearly presenting my work, process and train of thought going through. What I should do now is continue making and developing my project. Try more possiblities and be unexpected. At the same time, this is the 4th week for this project. By the end of this week, my request to myself is to achieve the final idea stage. I think my project can go successfully because I had a clear schedule at the beginning and pushing myself to follow it during the whole time. It is really important to manage your time and work on it. I was not very good at time arrangement before, by this experiment, I learnt the importance and skills to arrange my time and I am sure this would be very helpful in my further study life.

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