July 31

This week is about a idea development week. Based on the research and experiment I have done, I started have some idea sketch and development. But it did not go smoothly. I am not sure if I have done right on idea exploration so I went to have a talk with Georgia. She helped me to analysis my research and told me how should I do to find ideas.

How should I find ideas and record ideas?

Actually I made a mistake before until the talk with Georgia. I took too much care of my sketchbook. I consider too much about what should I put into the sketchbook. Actually, sketchbook should be the tool to help us recording our ideas, thinking and evaluation. It doesn't need to be perfect. So, recording ideas doesn't need to be detailed, beautiful drawings,what should it be is to write down what is in your mind and quick sketch to express it. And then, we pick up the good ideas to develop them and test the possiblities.

Finding a idea maybe about record your feeling and understanding of your research and experiment and what is in your mind. The possiblity and relation to your pathway are what we need to do in development.

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