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The Vegetation Rooms are constructed as larger-than-life organic environments that reduce the viewer in scale like Alice in Wonderland. At once reassuring and claustrophobic, these environments are constructed from numerous segments cast from the same mould, referring to the mechanics of creativity and reproduction. In these ways, organic and architectural structures are placed together to illustrate the slow time of geology and the fast pace of technology.

Inspired by the trompe l'oeil conceits of Baroque architecture Iglesias folds the very walls of the gallery into her sculptures, playing tricks with perspective, creating intricate bas-reliefs and using reflective surfaces to open up illusory spaces. As entire walls peel apart, architectural structures become reflective imprints echoing and duplicating each other. Iglesias also weaves counterpoints between different architectural periods, juxtaposing the raw concrete structures of a modernist sensibility with elegant canopies of veined alabaster recalling the domes of ancient Persian mosques or Byzantine churches.

Source: http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/exhibitions/passports-great-early-buys-from-the-british-council-collection/cristina-iglesias

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