Reflection on process

In the intimacy project, I am in order to discover the communication of people in intimate behavior. I have found this project compelled me to analysis from my research and found inspiration by using my practical knowledge. Unlike the projects we did before, this one is more independent and we have more freedom in it. But it requires us to have higher studying skills and critical thinking. 

From research, I learnt to select things that is useful. Because I am really interesting in this topic, I was so exciting to find many resources about intimacy at the beginning. But not everything I found interesting can be useful in the project so I should select and analysis my resources regularly. By analysising research, I found it is really helpful to understand my topic and discover the concept. I am clearer than before about how to process my project. I think what I did not do very good in research part is I did not come out my idea that relate to the research immidately. When I realize this pronblem, I have paid attention to get some ideas quickly once I have further research.

I really used the workshop days very well. I would plan about the experiment I might do in workshop in advance. And I have been in metal workshop, casting workshop and plastic workshop for this project already. What I found really challenging in the workshop is that sometimes the ideas is really difficult to make out. For example, I went to metal workshop to create a neck-shoulder piece but it is really difficult to make the arc and changing angles from the neck to the shoulder in hard materials. I discussed with the tutor and technican and they advised me to slightly change and develop my idea and they are willing to help me to finish the experiment. What I learnt is we need to use all the resources we can find and be flexible about idea development. If I was stubborn in my initial idea, I would not finish the experiment. And by working in process, I developed my idea to more interesting and related to my concept -- intimacy even better. I think it is really important to be open mind and accept the unexpected effect/ results in experiment. By evaluation, I can see if this unexpected result useful/successful or failed. In both ways, I can learn a lesson and develop my project better.

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