July 25

Today is the workshop day and we were asked to experiment in workshop and made some model by 3:30. I have already done the plan of making models in workshop today. I want to make a sample about the jewellery piece that cover the intimate area but have the finger-print texture inside that is like being touched all the time. I told the technican about my idea and I want to make the waist piece as I drew in sketchbook but out turtor- Helment came to me and had a look on my sketchbook then discuss with me about my idea, we work out something more interesting. Helment advised me to make a piece of jewellery that cover my personal intimate area but leave a space as a finger size on my most intimate part that someone closed can touch me. Because my intimate area is the back of neck which I can take use of my hair that tie up to show out the gap of toching area or put down my hair to cover it when I dont want anybody to touch me. It become a very personal and interesting idea.

I did a intial sketch about a neck-shoulder piece.When I really experiment with the idea, I found it was really difficult to make the curves from neck to shoulder and from back to front neck. So I changed it into a neck piece which cover the whole neck and go down to chest. Even if I simify my design, it is still difficult to make the form that following people's body shape's change. It took me a lot of time to make the framework of the piece then I will finish it later when we can use workshop again on next week

What I learnt from today's task is sometimes some unexpected things in experience can turn out to be a good development of the project. We experiment with intial ideas and it always finds something new from it. Sometimes, it doesn't come out with a good effect so the experience failed but we learnt a lesson. Sometimes the unexpected effect is really exciting and interesting which can help us to develop the ideas.

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