July 24

Today I had a turtorial with Nicola and she really inspired me a lot to develop my project. She asked me about my project concept, I told her it is about intimacy.And then she adviced me to think more unexpected. When we talking about intimacy, we would not be surprised by those sweet,matching couple things. But if I can start with Intimacy and develop to less intimacy or anti-intimacy, that would be more interesting. I totally agree Nicola's opinion. I was a little stuck before the turtorial because I started feel bored about this and I thought I had enough research about intimate behavior but how to push it further. With Nicola's advise, I start to think about what would be too intimate to people (sth you feel comfortable with you beloved but very disturbing with others). She adviced me to take photographs/films of two people (that do not know each other very well) connecting in physical ways. Because some connections might be considered too intimate or uncomfortable, record these people's natural reaction.
And Nicola advised me to look for more jewellery designer's work because my research is not specific to my pathway. So I did the research about Naomi Filmer, Tiffany Parbs and Ambre France. She also give me a website which is really helpful. Klimt02

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