July 15

Today we had the presentation of how to write our own proposal for unit 7. From the presentaion, I understand that the more specific my proposal and plan the project better, the more successful my project will go. In the afternoon, we have the group tutorial with Jo. At the beginning,I shared my two ideas of the final major project, one is "Under the muslim's veil" which would discover about the culture about Islam and the other one is "Reaction of intimate behavior" which I was inspired by a short film"First Kiss". Jo advised me to work on the muslim one at first because it has a lot of cultural research to do and I can do primary research by interviewing some muslim. But after chose the topic, I kept struggle myself is this muslim topic interesting me enough to work on it for 6 weeks. And the answer is no. So I have another conversation with Jo after the group turtoial. I told her the muslim one might be easy to do but I am more interesting in the intimate behavior one. She was so ethusiastic to help me analysis what my topic can do and develop in the project and guided me to do some research about body connection. It is really helpful that I decided to do something I am really interesting in and have a direction to start with now.

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