Nguyễn Thế Hoàng Linh - Người Dơi trong Thành Phố

(article translated: Nguyen The Hoang Linh- Batman in the City)

Here are the quotes from the original article that I found inspiring.

"People nowadays easily "measure" the success in art by how famous or wealthy the artists are. But do those artist really support to create a beautiful energy or just only let the "average pretty" to grow? Tran Dan once said: "The average pretty kills the beauty.""

"The more I'm doing it the more things I realize. I think the real artwork is the reagent to the society, Looking at how the people approach them, and react to them can know the level of the society."

"What I'm doing now mainly is trying hard to build for the kids an environment that when they grow up they will have the real artists lead them with their meaningful artworks. The kids need to adapt the good from adults, have freedom in their soul and some techniques to use their sensitivity to develop creativity, soft skills. Avoid letting them to fall into the deviant state, lack of spiritual and understanding about human arounds, which will lead them to tragedy."

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