Today was all about finalising the strongest idea we had and start to develop it, making a model and also working on our presentation sheet.
We began with a group presentation showing off our presentation sheets that we had and also our sketchbook. We gave feedback categorised in ideas, research and final idea. I felt that the exercise was extremely effective as I was able to see what other people were doing as I was unsure on how much we needed to be done before the crit. I also got some very good feedback from all sectors of my work which really helped as well. They liked the way in which I had presented my research sheet as it was simple and tidy. They also liked the sketches in my sketchbook which gave me confidence to carry on what I was doing and follow it up by doing more sketches on my presentation sheets.

We then had to make an action plan for the rest of the week building up to the day of the crit. This helped as I hadn’t made a plan, it made me realise how much I actually had to do. I've discovered that I need to do quite a few more sheets, over the weekend I wasn't very confident in producing a presentation sheets but with help and constructive feedback from the group I'll be able to do them now.


Following on from this morning session of mainly group work and reflection I then progressed onto my final design. I was able to get some advice on how to make my model as I was quite unsure at first. My tutor suggested to make one floor properly and use my old model of the whole structure to show the overall shape. I created the first floor with cardboard and acetate creating the transparent corridors. I was struggling to find clear acetate at first as there wasn't any in the campus shop which meant that I had to spend around half an hour finding a shop that sells it. I was pretty happy with what I produced as it shows what I envisioned. I can also use it as a initial draft for when I go to the workshop tomorrow as it will enable me to have an outline of what I want it to look like which helps a lot.

Tonight I'm aiming to complete two presentation sheets on ideas and idea development, I can use todays model to show the development of the idea of a continuous corridor. I'm hoping to do some more research into more designers and architects which show similarities in the shape of my model.

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