Today was the beginning of our new project which is called movement, we began with a group lecture which consisted of a powerpoint which showed different ideas and projects created by artists and designers associated with the word movement. I felt that the powerpoint helped me to an extent as it gave me a slight idea of what to start with and it also gave me a good understanding to the structure of the new project.

Once this was done we were then put into groups and were told to present our research which we should have done at home. I wasn't that confident with my primary research as I did struggle to collect primary images but I did have a good handful of secondary images which are presented in my sketchbook. I felt that the mini presentation went well, I was able to communicate my ideas well and was also able to identify three key words which I would then pursue to investigate further. I chose glide, turn and step. I was fascinated to see how different things such as water and people glide off different surfaces, I also wanted the play with the idea of a turn and how it can produce a change in direction, and finally step, the way in which stairs can be used to create a sense of height and how the overall shape of a staircase can be altered to do this.

We were then told to create quick sketch models for each of the words, I struggled to begin with as I didn't know where to start, whether to create some so direct and literal or to create a model evoking the word and what it could portray. I took each work in a more abstract way looking at the word turn which could mean a change in direction when someone is walking. I looked at the word glide as being elegant and clean so I created a structure which was curved and had smooth edges. I then experimented with the shapes of stairs and how they can be altered using folds in paper. I felt that this overall process was successful and feel that that its the best sketch model investigation I've done yet. 

Creating 10 ideas was the next task using each word, the strongest for me was most probably the word turn. Where I was able to use my model and put it into context. I sketched out the model from a birds eye view, I thought about corridors and how they change direction, each space between the lines would be a room which means that people would have to adapt their route to the shape of the corridors causing them to turn and change direction. I want to start investigating how people can go up and down levels if this was to be in a building, thinking in ways this could be different to using stairs.

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