The Tie-Dyenosaur

A real live dinosaur you never saw

Any who did so would quickly withdraw

But one made of paper, would not over awe!

So why not try making a tie-dinosaur!


Fold used envelopes, new or waste paper

Secure with pegs, or put binding over

Then immerse these bundles in dyes strong and bold

Leave till it has soaked to the innermost fold


Remove all bundles from the bowls of dye

Put them on newspaper to drain and dry

Undo them and iron out flat, on paper, draw

Then cut out the shape of your tie-dyenosaur


Place and paste dyed papers on this with care

Fashion a beast both lively and debonair

Mount him on a tie-dyed background if required

Stand back! You creation can now be admired

© Eleanor Foden, all rights reserved