HEX-SYS / Open Architecture

HEX-SYS is a reconfigurable and reusable building system and was designed by Open Architecture. The building can adapt to many functions, and can be disassembled and reused due to its modular building system creating a need for these flamboyant but short-lived buildings in countries such as China. Being modular and ready made means that it can be built quicker, Open architects have been experimenting with the use of this modular system to create a mass-customisation and the potential in building sustainability.

Inspired by both the ancient Chinese wood building system which can be dismantled and built again without being damaged, and also Le Corbusier's Pavilion for Zurich which represents his prolonged research on modular building systems. Open Architects created a prototype mainly made of hexagonal cells with architectural, structural and mechanical systems all merged within the same geometrical rules. 

The way in which the building can be used for so many functions such as exhibitions, multimedia rooms, lounges, offices and Cafe is effective shows how adaptive it really is, the use of these shapes not only give a modular geometrical effect but also give a sense of structure where each hexagonal shape is a different shape.

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