03/10/2017 - 06/10/2017

This is my first time making a print. It challenges me a lot it hard to cut because the board is hard and sometimes I cut in the wrong direction. I use people as a foreground for my image and train as a midground because I want to contrast clearly.

This image meets my aims very well. At first, I wanted the background to have a building, but there are too many details. I want people to think more when they see my work and question themselves “Why this man looking that way?” or “What is he doing?” so I decided to use my background in black colour. I simplify everything from my original picture because it’s hard to details everything and I want this work to look simple but have the story inside it.

 I've learned traditional printmaking process by using manual press machine. One of my friends were given a task to colour all the plate but she didn't put enough ink on mine, so there we some areas that not completely cover in black. She redoes it again and the result is darker and satisfactory.

Overall, I think that the printmaking process is very interesting and it allows me to analyse the photo that we took before changing it into illustration.

© Khemmanat Chirathivat, all rights reserved


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