Grand Hall of Mudam: Daniel Buren

By showing the architecture within the architecture through this installation of rare proportions, Daniel Buren is not only emphasising certain architectural characteristics of the museum, he is also showing the function of the building as an envelope for art. It's not the first time in which Buren is subverting museum architecture like this. As in some in his previous interventions, he is exhibiting the museum within the museum here, this drawing attention to the limits between interior and exterior, not just of the building, but of art itself.

Beyond looking at the idea of "frames", Buren's recent pieces are also distinguished by essentially pictorial considerations, which may evoke his early work of the 1960s when he adopted the most immediate possible approach to painting, signifying other than itself. By using colour and light, two basic material of pictorial art, Buren creates, with this array use of colour, a sort of 3D painting which is only completed by attentive gaze of viewers wandering through the space. It is the visual experience of the viewer that is of central interest to the artist.

© Jeevan Chahal, all rights reserved


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