Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren born on 25th March 1938 is a French conceptual artist, who is sometimes classified as a minimalist. Buren is known best for using regular, contrasting coloured stripes in an effort to integrate visual surface and architectural space, notably on historical, landmark architecture. From 1960 Buren designed a number of permanent installations including a 3,000 square metre sculpture in the great courtyard of the Palais Royal. His latest work was this year where he completed his first permanent installation in the United Kingdom, 'Diamonds and Circles', a work for Art on the Underground on the walls of the expanded ticket hall at Tottenham Court Road.

However the two projects which inspired me the most to use stained glass windows was the exhibition in the Grand Hall of Mudam and also the installation on Le Corbusier Cite Radieuse rooftop.

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